Holiday Gift Guide for HIM

Alas, the Holiday Season is here. And if you are anything like me, I have no problem finding gifts for girlfriends, sisters, female teachers and's the dudes that always present the problem!  Well, not this spy skills and human research have netted me (and you) a comprehensive list of items big and small, and one if not all are sure to hit the spot for the main men in your life.


First up, new undies. And not just any undies.  These undies, according to multiple males whom I trust, are life changing. Without getting into the details of how they keep everything seperated and comfortable, I am assured by the die-hard converts that they do indeed keep everything seperated and comfortable:). Probably not appropriate for your husband's boss or your Manny, but a great gift or stocking stuffer for the boyfriend or spouse.  


Next up, these sneakers... Vans did a collaboration with J. Crew and the result is an age-appropriate sneaker perfectly cool without trying too hard.  With a suede body and exclusive colors, I love these with jeans and plaid button-up...way cooler than loafers and way less expensive too (priced at $70).

My husband absolutely swears by his, so although this will not be a gift I can give him, I am sharing the love. For all of those other tech-enthusiasts or regular travelers out there, this HyperJuice External Battery pack can charge ALL models of MacBook and 2 iPads at the same time.  It is compact, yet extremely powerful.  Bring it on your next work trip, your next family vacation or just leave an extra one in your laptop bag to avoid being hooked up to a random power plug in the middle of the United terminal next time you fly and you realize you used all your juice watching Trainwreck on the inbound flight(:


And then there's that perfect button down that would go so nicely with the stylish Vans above.  This one, from Marine Layer, is the crisp combination of reds and blues with some chambray detailing at the collar.  The clever sizing runs from Small, to Smedium, and Marge (in between Medium and Large, to Larger (not quite XL).  This makes it easy to find the right size for your man, dad, brother or nephew. 

Shockingly, a piece of electronics comes with my highest recommendation as THE Holiday gift for Him.  This remote has changed my life.  My husband has us hooked up to Apple TV, Netflix, games for our son, Sonos, and the list goes on and on and on....With our old collection of remotes, I felt as if I needed a Phd to actually turn on the correct movie, show, game or music selection.  This remote gets rid of the need for all other remotes and literally has instructions on the touch screen like "Watch TV", whereby you press that button, point and wait.  When you decide you want to "Watch a Movie", you repeat the previous action.  Genius(:

Lastly, these socks have really taken the world by storm, and for good reason.  They are awesome.  They are constructed of the finest Supima Cotton, with a reinforced toe and deep heel and they are super stylish.  They have fun collaborations with different designers and are sure to get noticed peeking out of your jeans or dress pants.  They come in a huge variety of colors and combinations and would be a great stocking stuffer for your favorite guy.

Whether for their stockings or something more significant, we hope you found some inspiration for the men in your life this Holiday Season. 


Cate & Shannon