Project Ro Sham Beaux (Before & After)

Project Ro Sham Beaux was designed for a young family of five who had grown out of their previous Marina flat and upgraded to a four bedroom home in the Richmond.  The husband is originally from back East, and he and his wife lived in New York City for years before landing in San Francisco.  They both have a penchant for color and lean towards the traditional in terms of home decor which presented an interesting challenge because the home they purchased was decidedly modern.  

We knew right away that our job was to soften the hard edges and sharpness of the modern build with color and character, while also not "confusing" the house.  This is not a shingled home in Connecticut,  and we wanted the furnishings and fixtures to satisfy the client's more traditional tendencies while keeping things fresh and crisp.


The first matter of business was the living room/great room.  The  living room had a flat faux-stone facade, an inset fireplace and a huge wood beam that floated at almost 5'6" from the floor.  The surrounding wall space felt vacant and uninviting.


We ripped out the fireplace and beam and had custom bookshelves installed with electrical wiring for the overhead library lights.  We installed a more traditional fireplace and marble herringbone surround.  The hooded sconces adjacent to the mirror provide a warm focal point and mood lighting, while the mirror hides a flatscreen TV behind.  Yes, the mirror is actually framing a television.



In the same "great room" is a bar area.  The idea was spot-on but the bar lacked personality.  We ripped out the existing clunky wood shelves (that were unreachable for any regular sized human) and added electrical, wallpaper and glass shelves.  But possibly the most dramatic transformation was lacquering all of the wood a vibrant grassy green and switching out all of the hardware.  When we first presented this idea, we thought they may think we had lost our minds...but with some gentle coaxing and trust they let this space come to life and the finished product is a functional, beautiful bar that adds personality and depth to their living space.

BOYS ROOM BEFORE:  These two young boys who share a room had always wanted a bunk bed, and so a dream had been fulfilled.  But we needed it make the rest of the space feel functional and we needed to add some depth and color to the space.  A custom window seat with built-in drawers for storage and swing arm sconces for reading did the trick.  The darling roman shade doesn't hurt either.



GIRLS ROOM BEFORE:  This was it.  A crib and old glider.

GIRLS ROOM AFTER:  A "big girl" bed with sweet bedding, a pretty rug and a Kate Spade for Kravet fabric used to make her roman shade.  We used the client's existing tables and lamps next to her bed.  By keeping her room simple and sweet and reusing some existing items, we created an ivory and blush room that is feminine and soft but wasn't a big budget drain.

POWDER ROOM BEFORE:  Greige is not their thing...(or ours for that matter)

POWDER ROOM AFTER:  Dinosaur Skeletons courtesy of the fabulous Abnormals Anonymous and new sconces by Rejuvenation add instant personality to this once boring bathroom.




The Kitchen, Dining Area and Den are pretty great too...

It is so satisfying to see the transformation of #projectroshambeax.  We are so thankful to our client's for trusting our bold suggestions and collaborating with us on what might just be their forever home...

We hope you enjoyed seeing the before and afters of this lovely space.  For all inquiries, email

Cheers to a wonderful weekend,

Cate & Shannon & the JRD team