Meet Your New Best Friends: Monrow & Alexander

Jeans.  Tee.  Jacket.  Repeat.

Isn't exactly the sexy inspiration you had in mind?  Maybe doesn't sound sexy or inspiring but that is the outfit that most of us DO wear and WILL wear, so we better get it right. 

Jeans are tough.  There are just too many different brands, styles and body types to ever successfully suggest the perfect pair for all (or at least most) women.  So, I'll move on to tees...

Tees are different. A great tee is fairly universal and there are two categories tees fall into: everyday & not.  Everyday is self-explanatory.  Not means any tee that might require a different bra or any tee that is sexy enough to wear to dinner or on a date.

The best everyday tee is made by Monrow.  An all time favorite style is the tissue v-neck tee.  It is the perfect weight with a subtle sheerness and a v-neck that is generous without being revealing. The length is long.  Not too long, but long enough to layer and long enough to bend down.  There is nothing worse than buying a tee that you think fits, washing it and having it shrink to a length appropriate for a 13 year-old cheerleader.  Ugh...makes me mad thinking about it.  Spare yourself the endless poor fits, and the wasted money.  Buy 3 colors of Monrow tissue v neck tees in black, white and grey and call it a day.  Everyday.  


The best "not" everyday tee is T by Alexander Wang.  My personal favorite is the classic racer-back jersey tank in black.  Unstoppable.  It is generous in the armholes and across the back to allow for a sexy slouch.  The v is deep but has a subtle curve to it and the length (again) is on the longer side allowing you to pair it with your favorite skinny jeans without concern of a muffin-top tragedy.  It is simple and chic and looks great with a lacy racer-back bra peeking through on the sides.  It is a go-to when the "I have nothing in my closet" to wear hits.  Just add jeans, a leather jacket,  and strappy heels.  Sometimes sexy inspiration comes in the most simple form.

We are so happy to introduce you to Monrow & Alexander and we hope you will have a meaningful and lasting relationship for years to come!