A Design Unicorn

We posted a few days ago about making a stylish space for little people, and noticed that we have used an Oeuf product in every nursery we have designed to date.  We didn't do it on purpose, in fact...we didn't even realize we had done it until we took inventory of the handful of completed nursery projects.  

Oeuf Bennet

We thought about why we had done that.  With so many different tastes and styles there is rarely a product that appeals to virtually everyone....can you imagine using the same brand of table in every dining room, or the same brand of bedding for every bedroom?  What became clear is that we were able to use Oeuf in every nursery because their product line is clean, stylish, and timeless, and those are principles that most people (regardless of whether traditional or modern, bohemian or minimalist) want to embrace.  To find a product that can be used in so many different types of spaces, and appeal to so many different aesthetics is rare.  Very rare.  

Oeuf contacted us after the post went live and let us know that they would be featuring our work on their Social Media outlets (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest).  Thank you Oeuf for your support and thank you for making a premium product that appeals to virtually everyone.  Ladies and gentleman, a Unicorn has entered the building.