Black and Blue

We're not exactly sure who determined that pairing navy and black were a "don't", but we strongly disagree.  

Above is a photo of a chic playroom by Owens and Davis using a sophisticated color palette.  The navy sofa is the perfect pairing with the whimsical black wallpaper.  The sheepskin and the acrylic table layered on the bare, dark floor provides a light and airy antidote to the dark colors so that the room doesn't feel too dark or serious. The sputnik light with the white bulbs talks to the white in the wallpaper and graphic pillows.  Modern, textured, layered.   We have always loved navy and black (with a touch of white and brass)... and this room is the perfect illustration of that combo done right.

navy black etagere

Hello Sexy Space.  Blue Black and Brass are at it again.  The black bookshelves paired with the brass sconces and the navy graphic rug make us want to curl up with a glass of red and stay awhile.

navy black living room

Strangely whether it is an outfit or a living room, the combination of black, blue and brass seem to be unstoppable.  In this living room by Studio McGee the black walls and the navy striped rug make all the impact.  Add brass hardware on the draperies, bookshelves and coffee table and the punch of fuschia for a sophisticated yet timeless vignette.

Whether for an outfit or a living room, you can't go wrong pairing navy, black, brass (or gold), and a pop of white.  Few combinations are as elegant and timeless while also being modern and bold.  So, if you had hesitations before....let them leave you now.  Navy Black and Brass are here to stay.