Why We Love White Sofas

A lot of people thought I was crazy for buying a white sofa with 2 children under 5, but I can honestly say that our white fabric furniture has proven to be one of our favorite and most durable purchases (just make sure it is slip-covered or the pillow covers have zippers so that you can take them off for cleaning).  Washing our white linen covers is a monthly occurrence and because they are white white (instead of cream, or beige) I can use bleach when needed.  

The white has also allowed my living room to evolve over time.  Switching out rugs, or adding new pillows...even getting pair of chairs recovered is far less expensive than buying a new sofa.  So, getting one that allows for changing tastes is not only practical and durable...it is also economical.

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Below are our top 3 picks for white sofas:

1.  The York Sofa by PB is the perfect sofa for someone who prefers a more classic look: sloped arms, American construction, nice proportions, and reasonable price.

2.  The Moderna Shelter Arm sofa by RH Modern is a truly modern masterpiece: generous proportions, high square arms, fine Belgium linen.

3.  The relaxed skirt, and white linen seat cushions of this OKL exclusive provide a perfect complement to more tailored, leg baring furnishings.


Whether styled with cool leather chairs and a cozy Moroccan rug for an offbeat Bohemian vibe, or layered over a striped rug with woven chairs for a more tailored and classic feel, the white sofa is a lasting and chic addition to any living room.  So, next time you look at your living room and wonder why your room "re-do" has stalled, it is the peanut-butter beige, microfiber sofa that is to blame because no matter how cool your rug is, or how chic your pillows are...if your sofa isn't working, your room isn't working.