Friday Buy Day

It's funny, like most women I know, every time we go on a trip we are inclined to buy something new...even if the climate where we are headed is the exact same climate as the place we live. This week, Jack Ryan is headed to LA....and even though it is supposed to be 61 and raining (insert tear) which is the EXACT same weather as I am sure it will be in SF, our shopping inspiration is derived from weather that is 78 and sunny.  And so, for this week's Friday Buy Day we thought we'd bring you some cool pieces (on sale of course) that we want to take with us to LaLa Land. The power of positive thinking must not only be practiced in your mind, it must also be practiced in your packing. 

Here Goes:

First things first.  An oversized Panama Hat.  We are in LA afterall.  And whether my positive thinking works or not for the weather, a large hat is mandatory in the land of palm trees and movie stars.  We love the nubby texture and the cream color.  At under $40, it is a great deal and looks just as chic with denim and a button-up as it does with a swimsuit and a cover-up.

Speaking of a swimsuit, we love this one  It is sexy and classic and on sale.  You can never go wrong with a black bikini that has some interesting details.  I guess we'll be wearing this in the hot-tub if the weather decides to be uncooperative.

Almost as mandatory as a hat, is a pair of slightly distressed cut-offs.  One of our favorite looks right now is the Texas Tuxedo (denim on denim).  We love these with a denim button-up (in a lighter shade) a thicker leather belt and a cool pair of booties or sandals.

Oh, and for that night out at Chateau.  What to wear?  A romper of course.  This Zimmerman romper is sophisticated and sexy.  The button front allows you to adjust how much you would like to expose and the length of the shorts is spot on...not too short (trashy) and not too long (boring).  The lace panels on the sleeve are feminine and elegant.  We would pair these with deco drop earrings and a minimal strap heel.  Elegant, sexy, chic (and of course, it's on sale).

So, for any of you who are headed to LA soon, take our cues and get to shopping.  For all of those who are not, channel your positive thinking and plan a trip to a place that is 78, sunny and dappled with palm trees.