The Intimidation of an Art Collection

Most people would agree that buying art is really personal....that you should buy art you love. But where do you find art you love? And how do you incorporate into your space? Without an art dealer and a trust fund, can you find art that is meaningful and engaging?  Where do you buy original art on a budget? How much art do you need to make your space feel finished/complete?

Although there is no fail safe formula for buying cool and interesting pieces, we can recommend some inspiration and tips that work for us. 

First of all, art is not optional:). Having no art in your home is like getting fully dressed without doing your hair. It is not recommended. That being said, you certainly don't have to have a trust fund to purchase pieces that you love and that make your home feel complete. 

Often times when we are designing a room, Shannon and I will choose larger furniture pieces in more neutral colors (greys, taupes, creams) so that our clients have the option to change pillows and textiles throughout the year as a way to easily transform the space for a minimal cost (Holidays, Spring, Summer).  A bold piece of art can act as a compass for color and direction.


Helen Frankenthaler

Helen Frankenthaler


For orginal art, Shannon and I tend to be most attracted to more modern, abstract pieces.  A few of our favorite artisits are: Jenny Prinn, Helen Frankenthaler, Jenny Andrews Anderson, Susie Betten Hausen and Staci Cross (pricing ranges from $600-$5000).  Their work is vibrant, energetic, bold and colorful.


Fool's Gold by Susie Betten Hausen

Fool's Gold by Susie Betten Hausen


For photography, we love the work of Gray Malin and Christian Chaise for cool beach moments, and we love Slim Aarons for sexy, sceney shots that evoke life in a different time or place.  A different time or place we'd like to be... sunbathing on the Amalfi Coast anyone?

For cool up and coming artists, check out  They have a wide variety of featured artists and depending on the size of the work, you can get prints from as low as $60.  


And lastly, don't forget about your children.  And not just for your mudroom, or your refridgerator door.  There is nothing cooler than a true original from the 2-3 year old abstract artist that lives with you...and the price can't be beat either.  Have it framed in a chic frame and add it to your collection for a well-rounded and meaningful addition to your evolving art collection.

Whether a flea market find, or a piece you've had your eye on for awhile...the most important step in starting your collection IS starting your collection.  It is a process, a discovery, an education.  When you begin your search, you will find pieces that touch you or are simply beautiful.  From there, your inclination and taste will evolve.  If you buy things (or frame things from your children) that you love, you will always find a place for them in your home.