Friday Buy Day

It's that day of the week again.  You know the day when your attitude is a little bit more positive, and your co-workers seem a little bit more friendly, and your husband seems a little bit more sexy, and your worries seem a little bit more distant.  Whether it's true or not doesn't really matter.  It's Friday. And Friday encourages us to believe in all of the above delusions. Friday is also the day we bring you awesome stuff to buy, all on sale.


First Up: Alice and Olivia Swiss Dot tie cover-up.  Gorgeous, right?  Spring is here... and Summer is around the corner and this is the perfect addition to any packing list, and the perfect accessory to any backyard party.  It is luxurious and sexy with a bohemian feel and a palatable price.  At right around $200 (from over $350) it is a chic piece that will last you years.  There is nothing trendy or fast-fashion about this elegant wrap.  Right now, all sizes available but I'm sure not for long!

It is painful to spend $500 on a pair of sexy high-heels, but more painful is buying a cheap pair that are horribly uncomfortable.  Honestly, what is less "sexy" than a girl hobbling down the street in obvious pain in her "sexy" heels?  Ugh, makes me uncomfortable just thinking about it.

These shoes by Schutz are beautiful and super inexpensive ($110..yes you read that correctly... and all sizes left except size 10). If I didn't own multiple pairs of Schutz heels, I would never be able to promote such an inexpensive pair of high heels...and not because I am a snob, because I don't want anyone to suffer the tragedy of poorly made, uncomfortable high-heels. These gorgeous heels are made in Spain with genuine leather and fine craftsmanship. The slight platform helps with the 4" heel height and the patterned trim adds edge.  The blood-orange color and the double ankle straps are an intoxicating combo.  Pair them with a pair of distressed denim and a simple tank, or add them to a black dress for a friend's Birthday dinner.  There is nothing sexier than a "sexy" heel that a woman can actually walk in.

About that black dress we were just talking about.  This is it.  It is the one that needs to be in every woman's closet.  Veronica Beard is a brand I became obsessed with when I owned a clothing store.  The tailoring is absolute perfection and the materials are superb.  Veronica Beard is classic with modern sensibilities and a penchant for accents of neon or florals.  Their blazers, in particular, are exceptional.  But I digress, back to the dress. It hugs your curves without being revealing and has contoured seaming for an extra flattering fit.  Whether adding a statement necklace and a sexy heel for a cocktail party, or pairing it with booties and a leather jacket for an event at your child's school, this is a must-have for every woman and is now only $178 (from over $500).


I like these.  A lot.  Lately, I've been much more into statement earrings, while keeping everything else pretty minimal.  If I am honest with myself, I have a few uniforms and tend to stick to variations of them.  Tees, leather jackets, skinny jeans, occasionally some fun jewelry in addition to the fine jewelry....and then sometimes, just to be different and daring, I add some more tees and some more leather jackets(:  

These earrings by Elizabeth Cole have a deco vibe that's really cool, and while they certainly make a statement they are not overwhelming in size.  I would pair them with a floaty maxi dress for a day wedding or baby shower, the same way I would wear them with a leather biker jacket and ripped jeans.  At $75 (from $160) they will make a minimal statement on your wallet while adding maximum edge to your wardrobe.

Lastly, for this week's Friday Buy Day, we bring you my FAVORITE pair of sneakers.  I'm sure many of you have seen these on me in pics (or real like) and considering my addiction to high-tops it means a lot for me to claim these as my #1.  They are Jimmy Choo and they are not cheap (but now on sale) BUT they are uber-comfortable and I get a gazillion complements on them.  It occurred to me awhile ago when I was purchasing my (insert ridiculous number) pair of sneakers that I actually have the whole shoe game figured out.  

Most women (including myself... until recently) spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on fancy high-heels that we wear a handful of times (nights-out, weddings, parties) while we try to save money on the shoes we wear everyday.  This makes no sense!  Of course, there are the handful of inspirational women who wear high-heels, everyday, all-day...and to all of you...I tip my hat.  But for the rest of us, buying super expensive high heels we rarely wear, while buying cheap shoes we were often simply isn't the best practice.  After buying these sneakers (which were not on sale when I bought them), I can honestly say I have never gotten more value out of a pair of shoes.  So, to those of you who are inclined to wear high-tops as often as I am...I say don't feel bad about splurging on a pair of shoes you will wear almost everyday.  There is no shame in stepping up your casual game.


Hope you enjoyed this week's Friday Buy Day!  Reach out or forward along to anyone else who you think may need a little inspiration to start off their weekend right!