A Teen (and Almost Teen) Girl's Room

Shannon and I are working on a home, and part of the project involves designing the two girls rooms.  One is 13 and one is 10.  They both have entirely different styles, practically opposite, and it has been really fun to learn about their contrasting styles and how they each want to use their space when it is finished.

The thirteen year-old girl loves black and white.  She loves clean, minimal style and an uncluttered, modern look.  She has almost two full walls of windows, and the third wall is largely made up of closet doors.  Because there really isn't that much actual wall space, and the wall space that she does have is trimmed in a strong white molding, we have proposed painting her walls Black.  Yes, Black.  This may sounds extreme, but we have done it before and it looks great.  She wants a sleek bed, with no frills, and some sort of photo gallery (of black and white photos, of course).  Our plan is to have a day bed (complete with chic pillows and sconces on either side) sit across from her queen bed, almost acting as a sofa, where she can lounge or where friends can make a bed when they sleep over.  

Above the daybed will be the photo gallery, mixed with images that are important to her: her pets, fashion sketches, and meaningful quotes. The roman shades will be constructed in a beautiful white fabric that is timeless and clean. and will allow her room to adapt to new tastes if she ever decides to abandon her love of black and white in pursuit of color...although by picking such a timeless and classic color combination, it is doubtful she will tire of this room anytime soon.

Below are a few of our selections for her room:

Next up, her younger sister who wants as much color as possible!  This can sometimes be tricky, as we know from our own experiences...  what you may like as a 10 year-old, you may strongly dislike as a 13 year-old (case in point above).  That being said, we both love color and wanted to give this special 10 year old a space that is vibrant and fun, but also has the ability to evolve over time.  

One wall of her room has closet doors flanking both sides.  We decided to place the bed along that wall and create a cozy nook for her with built-in shelves and swing-arm sconces above the twin bed (trundle underneath).  The one wall behind the bed will be covered in a beautiful floral wallpaper providing a feminine and stylish color guide for the rest of the room.  We're going with mint green, soft blush and bright pink in this 10 year old's cozy space.  This room is significantly smaller than her her older sister's, and we wanted to keep much of the room open as her largest complaint about her current set-up was the cramped floor-plan and lack of space to play/relax.  We found a great white, metal low-profile wall system that incorporates bookshelves and a desk but takes up very little visual space that will be added to one wall.  A woven chair will act as desk seating to balance the modernity of the metal shelving unit and the room will be finished with some playful artwork.  

Below are many of our choices for her room:


1.  Floral Wallpaper

2.  Trundle Daybed  

3. For Like Ever Artwork  

4.  Seafoam Linen Pillow  

5.  Caned Chair

6.  White/Pink Piped Bedding

7.  Swing Arm Sconce  

8. Coral Linen Striped Lumbar

9.  Seafoam Chevron Striped Rug (you are not going to believe where we sourced this one!)

10.  Pom Pom Throw

We are really excited about both of these rooms and think they represent the playfulness of the inhabitant's age while also satisfying a sophisticated color palette. Designing rooms should always be a collaborative process, and it was so fun to collaborate with these strong-minded young women on their future swanky sanctuaries.