Packing the Perfect Shoe Assortment

Summer is almost here and everyone seems to be going on a trip.  Close friends are headed to Hawaii, Thailand, Europe...and although I am sad to report that I am not going to any of those places I am happy to share some solicited (I swear I've been asked a bunch) advice on packing(:

Typically, there is one reason why your luggage weighs 100 pounds and why you can't fit all of your clothes into your bag when you are packing for a week-long getaway...your shoes. Shoes are the downfall of almost all over-packers. And after experimenting with this dilemma for years, I am going to share my results.  Travelers should pack no more than 5 pairs of shoes.


Thats right, for 90% of all travels 5 pairs of shoes should adequately suffice a wide range of outfits and outings.   Exemptions; Sub-Saharan Africa, you need less.  Cannes Film Festival, you need more.  Camping in Big Sur, you need less.  Kim Kardashian's Wedding weekend in Italy, you need more.  You get the drift...outliers are the exceptions.

Here are the only 5 styles of shoes you need to pack:


1. Sneakers, of course.  These will serve as your leisure, airport, and workout shoes. We love the nike high-tops because they are fashionable, super comfortable and look great with Lululemon leggings if you decide to hit the gym. 

2.  A comfortable (but chic) flat. This can be a ballet flat, a sandal or a smoking slipper (the climate will determine which one is appropriate) . We love one with some sort of print or interesting texture (leopard, tweed, or patent leather).  This will be your shoe for a day of shopping, sight-seeing or traveling between cities. It has to be chic enough to to wear to the Louvre but comfortable enough to schlep your luggage through an airport. 

3.  Heel. This can be a pump, a platform or our preference is a strappy gladiator style heel that pairs just as well with a dress as it does with skinny jeans.  This is where a lot of women get tripped up...too many heels.  So, here is our recommendation: get creative with your accessories and stay basic with your heel. There is no doubt that funky heels can spice up an outfit, but when traveling try to make your outfits interesting so you can keep your shoes neutral.  A black strappy heel looks amazing with ripped jeans, a blouse and a chunky necklace or wear them with a printed cocktail dress and statement earrings for a dinner party.

4.  A wedge OR a bootie (depending on climate).  This is for that "in-between" outing.  Not fancy enough for a 4-inch pump, but fancier than a flat sandal.  A trip wine-tasting, a chic brunch, a Sunday evening dinner at a neighborhood gastro-pub.  Wedges with your flared denim and a cropped eyelet blouse for somewhere warm (P.S. the ones featured are on MAJOR link!).  Or, booties with your skinny jeans and a chunky turtleneck sweater for somewhere cool.

5.  Lastly, flip-flops.  They require little in terms of space in your luggage, and require little in terms of explaining their purpose.  They are needed for trips to the pool, trips to get ice down the hall, or trips to grab a coffee in the lobby bar.


And there you have it, our guide to packing for a week-long excursion and avoiding back pain and baggage fees.