A New Seating Situation

Whether friends or clients, we hear a lot of frustration about the dining room.  Tables and chairs we may have inherited from parents or grandparents are now feeling dated and stodgy, but the cost of replacing them often trumps our desire to do so...especially for renters or people not sure they are going to be in their current home for a long period of time. 

Dining tables and chairs can get really pricey.  Even at more "reasonable" furniture stores, large tables are expensive, and then adding 6 chairs doesn't ease the expense.  But Shannon and I notice that many times, the space can be salvaged by either stripping and painting the existing table, or sanding the dark wood for a more bleached and rustic feel.  As for the chairs, it's usually time for new ones.   But don't get scared, we have found some super stylish finds that offer a cost-effective solution.  So, swap the dark cherry chairs for more modern (but quite reasonable) seating selections.


Here are our top picks:

1.  Roadhouse Chair is by far one of our favorite chairs for the price.  At $249 it packs major style into a small price point.  Pair these with a rustic farmhouse style table, or opt for something more unexpected and pair it with a more modern Saarinen style table.

2.  These tabouret style chairs have had a major comeback recently, and for good reason.  At $95, there are few (if any) chairs that are less expensive, they come in all colors of the rainbow, and they are virtually indestructible.  Pair the gunmetal chairs with a mid-century modern table, or buy a set of the electric yellow with a zinc top table for an edgy and urban feel.

3.  A traditional Windsor chair might feel too "traditional" but this dip-dyed version is cool, classic and current.

4.  An inexpensive take on the classic tripod chair, this white and wood version is great with a round, square or rectangular table and instantly updates a stodgy dining table.

5.  We love these wire chairs from CB2.  The shape is clean and modern, and they look great with a sheepskin throw for warmth.  They are easy on the wallet, and easy to store so that you can buy extras for Thanksgiving dinner.  

6.  These chairs crafted by John Vogel for West Elm are in our office at Jack Ryan.  They have an architectural element, and the wishbone shape is a nod to modern style, while the woven seat offers contrast and texture.  Timeless, chic and quite comfortable (:

Don't let your dining room be a room that you dislike.  Sand or paint your existing table to an attractive finish, and add new (inexpensive) chairs to instantly refresh your space!