N3twork's New Digs

South Park is a small area in San Francisco centered around an oval-shaped park by the same name.  With it's condensed size and neighborhood feel, it is not immediately obvious what South Park is all about until you step off of the bus.  The place is buzzing (literally) with entrepreneurs, engineers and deal-makers.  The birthplace of Twitter and home to Google Ventures and Kleiner Perkins,  South Park now includes N3twork in it's list of impressive companies that lease space in the hood.

Shannon and I had the good fortune to work with N3twork when designing their new space.  After some renovation to expose the amazing brick walls and exposed beams original to the building, we were left with a large, light-filled open concept work-space and a variety of conference rooms on the periphery.


All of the desks were custom made with reclaimed wood tops and steel bases of different heights allowing employees to sit or stand as they work.  N3twork worked with the renowned design team at Office to create brand strategy and meaningful visuals.   We were able to use their skillful designs to further enhance the space.

Every time I visit N3twork, I am inspired by the culture born out of their collaboration with Office.  

The environment is energetic, hip and invigorating as they #fightfordelight.  

And, because no tech company is complete without one, we had to add a fully-stocked bar cart.  A little bourbon has been known to cure "engineering-block."

Cheers to N3twork.  Wishing them continued success... 

More images of our design work with N3twork and other projects will be available in the Portfolio section soon.