What's Your Style?

People often ask Shannon and me what our favorite "style" is.  And at the risk of sounding annoyingly diplomatic, it is hard for us to define one style that is our "favorite".  I think why we feel so passionate about interiors, and exteriors...(and even clothing for that matter) is because we truly love and appreciate so many different aesthetics.  Shannon and I share a very similar style, which encompasses a variety of different genres.   But even as business partners whose styles are very aligned, we definitely have (and celebrate) our differences.   I am a little more excited about a monogrammed pillow than she is,  while she appreciates a funky side table a little more than I do.  


That being said, we've thought long and hard about this "favorite" look question and so we are prepared to give you our answer.  If we could pick only one style to live in ourselves, it would be a combination of modern, rustic and bohemian.  



 The above image is a stunning representation of a room that is modern while still oozing comfort.  The wood ceiling, and the wood beams that frame the door in combination with the natural floor covering offer a rustic vibe while the art and the shape of the chairs and the minimal furniture assemblage are clean and modern.

Rustic Modern bathroom.jpg


This bathroom.  Simple, modern, clean and oh so stylish.  We love the bold use of dark iron, complemented by the white subway tiles.   The natural wood shelf adds a rustic element so that the result doesn't feel too cold or harsh.  The design and color palette are modern, the warm wood and iron are rustic, and the brass adds just the right amount of glamour.

Rustic Modern Kitchen.jpg

This kitchen is another dreamy space.  The herringbone floors are stunning, and are especially noticeable against the rich black cabinetry.  The antique mirror gives an old world feel, while the Platner chair is decidedly modern.  Salvaged floors, exposed beams, industrial lighting, and a mirrored backsplash styled with rustic cutting boards, edgy chairs and shiny appliances make for one beautiful space.

And there you have it...our favorite rooms are rustic, modern and slightly bohemian in style.  Adding the bohemian element is easily done with flooring and  textiles choices.  Add a kilim, a vintage oushak or a Beni Ourain rug to a room to instantly lift any pretension and often times add depth and color.  Add a sheepskin throw or a batik pillow to soften a square edged sofa.

Rustiuc Modern Lounge.jpg



We'll share a few of our top places to buy modern, rustic and bohemian pieces:

Friday Buy Day 5.8.15

Looking forward to another fantastic weekend, and thought we'd bring you some picks for your home this week.  Whether a cool new rug or an awesome new piece of art, both have the ability to make a huge impact in your space while neither are required to make a large impression on your credit card statement.  We're bringing you special pieces at ordinary prices:

Love this sexy piece of art by Oliver Gal.  The gold is a little more modern than a traditional red or pink, and makes it perfect for a living room or a bedroom.  Picture it hung above a mid-century dresser, or greeting you in the entry over a lucite console next to a vintage lamp.  It's bold...yet it's limited color-palette makes it a really versatile piece to add to your collection.  At $189 (from $356) it is a great price for a timeless, yet sassy symbol.

Next up: Moroccan leather poufs.  I'm sure you've seen these in a variety of stores, magazines and online...and for good reason.  They are a really easy way to pack a punch without draining your bank account.  These come in every color of the rainbow (and more) and look great nestled in front a fireplace for extra seating, or tucked under a kid's play table.  They're fun, easy to style and can be moved to the family room if you get sick of them in your bedroom.

Ah Mah Gawd!  How great is this rug?  Such a great rug at such a low price ($199 for 8x10..YES!) In fact, we were tempted to keep this as a personal secret but our dedication to bringing you the best stuff at the best prices prevailed!  Picture this in a home office with a brass desk, vintage chair and couple of those poufs we just mentioned.  Or it would look great in a serene master bedroom with creamy white bedding, a macrame wall hanging and a Mongolian fur bench. Monochromatic bedrooms are so soothing. 

It's mid-century. It's modern.  It's white (also comes in black...both are on-point).  It's brass.  It's perfection in a table/task lamp.  Instantly refreshes a side table or console table.  Would look fantastic flanking your bed, or add it to your desk for a chic work table accessory.  At barely over $150, this is a fantastic addition to virtually any surface!


We hope you enjoyed this week's Friday Buy Day!  Have a great weekend!

Being Realistic About Our Rug Addiction

Krimsa is one of our favorite rug and pillow stores of all time.  So many special pieces: vintage Beni Ourain rugs , hand-woven moroccans, silk ikats, and over-dyed turkish masterpieces.  We love them all.  And although we wish we could outfit our entire home and all of our client's homes with these glorious pieces of art, the cost of a large specialty rug (or multiple) can often be prohibitive.

And maybe cost isn't the issue.  Maybe you have young children who drop food, track dirt and smash play-doh into your flooring and so choosing an inexpensive, but stylish rug, that is replaceable is a good option for you until the children are a bit older.  Whatever the reason, the bad peanut-butter color sisal rug (we love a good sisal...just not a peanut butter sisal) that you bought because you "didn't want to spend the money" or because it "hides the dirt" needs to go and can be replaced by one of these stylish alternatives: 

We love this Land of Nod patchwork rug.  The blush, grey and taupe color palette is sophisticated while the sisal nubby texture is casual.  Imagine this is in a living area with a charcoal linen sofa, a rustic coffee table, two cognac leather sling chairs where a sheepskin throw casually lives.  Elegant, relaxed, current.

This is a beautiful rug from Joss and Main  The 5x8 is right around $200 and the saturated color and "vintage" style feel very rich.  This piece would be great in a Foyer or layered in a Bedroom, peeking out from under the bottom half of the bed.  In a foyer, it would be great paired with a piece of modern abstract art (Jenny Prinn, Susie Bettenhausen) to balance the more traditional feel.  Add a brass console, or vintage credenza and a cool lamp.  An inviting and edgy entrance.  In the bedroom, it would be great layered over a greige sisial with clean white bedding that is tipped in orange or blue.  Cool and classic.

This dhurrie from West Elm is a great transitional piece.  It comes in three colorways (turquoise, platinum(shown), and iron) has a nubby, natural texture and is hand-woven by artisans in India.  The pattern is graphic and bold, but not so loud that you will tire of it easily.  At around $500 for an 8x10 it is a great price for the visual impact it provides.  We love it in a casual dining room with a rustic farmhouse table, tabouret metal chairs on one side and an upholstered bench on the other.  Add an oversized pendant and you are ready to host Thanksgiving dinner!

We can fill our home with stylish affordable floor coverings TODAY, while day dreaming of the vintage Beni Ourain rug we will own ONEDAY.