Why We Love White Sofas

A lot of people thought I was crazy for buying a white sofa with 2 children under 5, but I can honestly say that our white fabric furniture has proven to be one of our favorite and most durable purchases (just make sure it is slip-covered or the pillow covers have zippers so that you can take them off for cleaning).

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Pouf Possibilities

Shannon and I love poufs...oh the possibilities.  We love poufs paired at the base of a fireplace for some cozy extra seating, or wedged under a children's play table as safe place for the littles to perch.  We love one at the end of a chair as a foot rest, or a handful of colorful poufs scattered around a low-table in the backyard for a festive fete.  We talk about them, we blog about them, we have them in our homes, and we try to limit our "over-buying" of them the same way we try to limit our "over-buying" of pillows (unsuccessfully).  

Here are our Top Picks (Most under $200):

1.  We would use this striped pouf as kid's seating in a playroom, or peaking out of a rustic coffee table for extra seating.

2.  This pouf is a darling splash of color and texture.  Layer a few of these on Fouta towels in your backyard for the perfect place to lounge and sip on a watermelon margarita. 

3.  This is a great neutral pouf that adds texture to an otherwise colorful, or patterned space.  A pair would look great in front of the fireplace of a home with a casual or beach vibe.

4.  This mongolian fur pouf is luxe and stylish and under $200.  It's a great way to indulge in this cozy trend without breaking the bank.

5.  This batik pouf is gorgeous with it's washed out colors and timeless appeal.

6.  A perfect complement to other patterns in a room...don't be afraid to mix and match.  This one is a great addition to a mountain home, or would also be a stylish foot rest for that wingback chair in your family room.


Take a look around the place you call home and see if there is room for a little texture, color and pattern in the form of a pouf!

Friday Buy Day 5.8.15

Looking forward to another fantastic weekend, and thought we'd bring you some picks for your home this week.  Whether a cool new rug or an awesome new piece of art, both have the ability to make a huge impact in your space while neither are required to make a large impression on your credit card statement.  We're bringing you special pieces at ordinary prices:

Love this sexy piece of art by Oliver Gal.  The gold is a little more modern than a traditional red or pink, and makes it perfect for a living room or a bedroom.  Picture it hung above a mid-century dresser, or greeting you in the entry over a lucite console next to a vintage lamp.  It's bold...yet it's limited color-palette makes it a really versatile piece to add to your collection.  At $189 (from $356) it is a great price for a timeless, yet sassy symbol.

Next up: Moroccan leather poufs.  I'm sure you've seen these in a variety of stores, magazines and online...and for good reason.  They are a really easy way to pack a punch without draining your bank account.  These come in every color of the rainbow (and more) and look great nestled in front a fireplace for extra seating, or tucked under a kid's play table.  They're fun, easy to style and can be moved to the family room if you get sick of them in your bedroom.

Ah Mah Gawd!  How great is this rug?  Such a great rug at such a low price ($199 for 8x10..YES!) In fact, we were tempted to keep this as a personal secret but our dedication to bringing you the best stuff at the best prices prevailed!  Picture this in a home office with a brass desk, vintage chair and couple of those poufs we just mentioned.  Or it would look great in a serene master bedroom with creamy white bedding, a macrame wall hanging and a Mongolian fur bench. Monochromatic bedrooms are so soothing. 

It's mid-century. It's modern.  It's white (also comes in black...both are on-point).  It's brass.  It's perfection in a table/task lamp.  Instantly refreshes a side table or console table.  Would look fantastic flanking your bed, or add it to your desk for a chic work table accessory.  At barely over $150, this is a fantastic addition to virtually any surface!


We hope you enjoyed this week's Friday Buy Day!  Have a great weekend!

Styling Your Kitchen

Honestly, this blog post is less about "styling" your kitchen as it is about "de-cluttering" your kitchen.  We are all guilty of it...the blender on the counter, along with the coffee maker and the knives...oh, and what about the paper towel roll, and the toaster oven.  Where are we supposed to put those?

Away, is the simple answer.  But we'll give you a few suggestions that might make this task easier.

The Blender:  How often do you use the blender?  Even if it everyday (which it is in our family), the blender is only used in the morning, so it does not need to sit on the counter and take up precious space all the while serving as clutter.  Clean the blender after use, dismantle the few parts and put it away (a deep drawer or pantry will work).  It will take less than 2 minutes and removing the clunky object from view will make a big difference.  

The same goes for the toaster.  Most people only use it in the morning.  It has one plug and can easily be moved underneath where it is typically plugged into a deep pull-out drawer, or a lower cabinet where pots are concealed.  We use our pots and pans as much as our toaster (usually once a day), so why does the toaster get to hang out on top of the counter, while the pots are banished below?  Doesn't seem fair, and doesn't look good either(:

The Knives:  How about a drawer?  I know it seems really convenient to have your knives in a butcher block on your counter but if you have limited space (as we do...these pics are all from our Sonoma Project and unfortunately not from my kitchen), every square inch that is cleared, is space more visually appealing.  My mother-in-law is the first person I had seen who used the drawer approach for knives, and it is fantastic.  She uses a shallow top level drawer and puts only her sharp knives in this drawer (no other utensils, no whisks, no spoons, etc).  Knives, just knives.  It is safe because all of the handles are on the same side and it is as convenient as a butcher block without the visual clutter.

As for styling the kitchen, don't do much.  Less...as in everything less...is so much more.  For your fruit, choose a beautiful bowl...an art piece if you will.  Spend the money to buy a beautiful piece as it will sit on your counter for all to see.  We absolutely love Hudson Grace for a chic vessel and they have stores in San Francisco, Marin Country Mart and Montecito.  Whether wood and rustic or white and ceramic, choose something neutral without a whole lot of color because filling the bowl with fruit, particularly citrus, will provide the desired punch of color.  As for other styling tips, if you are going to host items on your counter, have them be like-minded...meaning: gather all of your wooden utensils and place them in a jar, instead of placing a hodge podge of stainless, ceramic and wood.  The result is a clean, modern and artistic.  

The take-away is that less is always more...unless you are styling your counter with spoons and cutting boards from Hudson Grace.  And in that case, more is more (:

Try these small and easy tricks to see how much brighter, larger and cleaner your most used space will feel.  And the best part....it's free.

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